End of a Saga – Star Wars

Do or do not—there is no try!   

Waited forty-two years, I have. The first Star Wars—A New Hope not the dreadful Phantom Menace—sixteen times did I go see.

The world was different then and I had gone to see it at just about every cinema in which it was playing in Toronto… and a quaint theatre in Haliburton, Ontario called the Molou. The name came from its owners Molly and Lou but that’s a story for another day. State of the art theatre or an older one, good sound or bad—it didn’t matter, it was the story and the characters that told the tale.

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To the (American) people

Well, this is quite a pickle.  Who to believe. Who to hate. You can’t have one without the other. I suggest we rewind and begin to believe in ourselves.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. Both parties carry positive and negative beliefs and policies. I believe in people. Herein may lie the problem—or what the politicians in Washington will have you believe. Pick a side and whoever is talking louder seems to win.

I know plenty of smart people who believe in… Candidates. Yes, you listen to what they say and believe and you judge on their individual merits and wants. That’s how it used to be and that’s actually how people picked their party in the olden times. Now, however, everything is skewed. There is left-left, left-center, right wing and even more to the right, the dreaded Tea Party.

Oh, yes, the matter at hand… who to believe.

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Worst TV couple EVER! … or don’t let the door hit you on the way out Big Bang Theory.

This is mostly an indictment of how I believe The Big Bang Theory should have ended about five seasons ago–you know, when it was still a good show. The first few seasons of BBT was fantastic. It was exactly what a great sitcom should be—funny situations with good characters and interesting story. The characters were fresh and imaginative and there were plenty of funny personalities. Now, only (Jim Parsons) Sheldon is still (mostly) funny. The others are not. They are just shells of their former selves. It’s not because of the actors or their acting. The stories are down-right boring. What else can the writers say?

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The Oscar Conundrum

Let me begin by stating I am white and a centrist. Had to get that out there. I wanted to wait a little until my hatred of the haters dissipated. Academy Award time is the one day (lately) to side with conservatives about liberal Hollywood.


I have watched six of the eight nominated “Best Picture” films this year—much more than the recent past. This year must have been a particularly bad year as I seem to remember the Academy pushing the category from five films to ten some time ago. They couldn’t find two more?

I did not see Vice, about a white man becoming vice-president. I didn’t catch The Favourite, about white noble British women in the 18th century. Nor did I see First Man, a film about a white man going to the moon or Can You Ever Forgive Me, about a white woman forging letters by dead authors. The latter two were not on the list of the great eight. I mention my having not seen these films to provide context.

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America: The new Krypton?

Yes, one is a country while the other is a mythical planet, yet they invite comparisons.

Krypton grew from humble beginnings to become a great and thriving society. The governing body and some of the population believed they were infallible and later became ignorant then dispassionate to their future failings.

This once great civilization boasted advanced science and technology. However, it failed to respond to unstable geological conditions. Sound familiar?

trump vsLeading citizen, Jor-El (from the renowned house of El) made passionate pleas to the council, his own colleagues, about the impending doom and final destruction of the planet and its people. Even though he was one of the greatest scientists of his era – no one listened. Continue reading

Wasted Potential

The one thing I love to do I write. Unfortunately for me I have let the world, and my part in it, quiet me down lately.

Canada doesn’t get much talk in the gun violence world but maybe it’s time we started. I have always believed that you need to get ahead of any potential problem and this one is coming fast.

I lost someone I knew recently, and it was a kid who I liked very much. He was special in that he was smart and kind and had an amazing smile which made everyone around him smile as well – and only twenty-one. His light was snuffed out far too early and for no good reason because of a cowardly person who had a gun.

This was a kid who was going places and would have been amazing at anything he did. The potential he had will never be reached and that in itself is a crime. However, on top of being a great student, he had time to love and care about his family as well. He was one-of-a-kind.veno

I can’t say anymore but please read below…

I write this with a heavy heart and not much forethought …

The other morning I woke up to hear that someone I knew well was shot and killed last night in Malvern near Lester B. Pearson School by his family’s apartment. He was a twenty-one-year-old, one-of- a- kind kid. He had it all – he was very smart (attending the Schulich School of Business in Toronto,) good-looking and had a smile which was infectious. Continue reading

The New(ish) God Complex!

willy wonkaWhen exactly did this new God complex happen? I suppose the internet has given everyone super-strength to say and do whatever they wish. A simple bad experience is magnified into something that everyone should fear. Movies and television shows have been downgraded by bad word of mouth before they even begin. For example many… morons who believe they have an informed voice don’t like a choice before they even see or hear the person on screen. And not just actors, sometimes it’s the music or theme song as well. Continue reading

The City formally known as Toronto! (Because I just happen to live there… right now.)

toronto-condoOkay Toronto, you’ve done it. You proved it. You’ve been flexing your muscles for many years now and it might possibly be time to stop. Toronto the Good has become Toronto the Terrible.

The final nail for me was just this morning when I noticed, on my way to get a morning coffee, was THE sign. The sign that showed, in beautiful detail I might add, that the only remaining parking lot in the area (and area with sunshine) will be no more. Instead, we will get something new… a condo! Continue reading

There and back again.

aliens watching tvThey were good – very good. It has taken over a year in all to escape and readjust. From the aliens, I mean (BTW – heard they were coming out with a new movie.) Wasn’t easy to breakout but I managed to watch and learn and eventually understand their transporter and stealth technologies. Then, just like that… I was gone.

So, I am back… but back to what? It’s only been twelve months or so (do you still count time that way?) However, much seems to have changed. Continue reading

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze!

child watching tvThey say movies are in a bad realm these day. Again, not sure who they are but they say it. Fortunately for us, the couch potatoes of the world, television is on an incredible upswing. Thanks to cable and streaming services even the networks have had to up their game.

Because more and more TV is switching from episodic to serial form, which only go ten to thirteen deep in a season, a lot of the extraneous fluff has gone by the wayside. It also makes binge-watching more palatable because you need to know what happens next. Very few of the tired episodic network dramas have to chutzpah of the new wave. Continue reading