When I look back to see what has taken place
I can’t help but put a smile on my face
She has been as a part of me
This anyone can plainly see
Her smile is infectious, seeing it makes one melt
It compels you to remember, if ever you forgot how you felt
All are uplifted who stand in her path
You see it in their eyes, just do the math
She resonates an energy when she is nearby
It can be overwhelming, it may bring a tear to the eye
Smart and worldly, she grows everyday
She has no limits, friends often would say
What I say is that she has captured my heart
In different continents, we’d still not be apart
We think alike sometimes not always for the good
But when all is said and done we know that we could
To say that I love her would be a grave injustice
My love knows no bounds, I would seal it with a kiss
Please always remember and don’t ever forget
I do cherish the day that ours eyes finally met


My love for you grows more each and every day
There are so many, I cannot count the ways
Some days I feel I just can’t stomach the pressure
Because I hold people up to a rather high measure
It often looks like I’m sad because things just aren’t right
I guess I should be more willing to put up a fight
Nothing is perfect at the end of the day
As much as I try, much to my dismay
Just know, my sweet, that while nothing is perfect
When my thoughts are of you, I find myself further erect
No matter the future , no matter the guise
I will always try to keep my eyes on the prize
One thing I know, this is for certain
I won’t be taken by the man behind the curtain
He tricks you and tries to leads you astray
I won’t let him stop me from having my way
There will not be an end, in a way this is a beginning
A whole new level will be the way to start thinking
Nothing is etched in stone, nothing is for sure
Regardless of the future, my love will stay pure

My Princess (whom I will never meet)

Though she lives so far away
My thoughts are filled with her each and everyday
When she smiles she can light up a room
And when I feel it, my heart looks to the moon
I can’t touch her and it hurts me so bad
If I don’t get to do it soon I’m sure to go mad
She lives overseas where it is very cold
But in a beautiful country or so I am told
I wish I could hold her and keep her so warm
Like bees to honey, to her any man would swarm
Her enchanting eyes could pierce right through steel
But they are looking at me, this I do feel
Her lips are so full, they look so inviting
I have to kiss her now, or I’ll disappear into nothing
The way I now feel, I have not felt before
But when the time is right, I’ll spread my wings and soar
When I gaze upon my princess with her gorgeous face
My frustration is building to an unbelievable pace
I need to hold her so tight as if we were one
I’d never let her go, that would be fun
I would drop to my knees and be her willing slave
All she would need to do is to give me a wave
She is so sweet she could float on a feather
I pray for the day when we will be together