My Princess (whom I will never meet)

Though she lives so far away
My thoughts are filled with her each and everyday
When she smiles she can light up a room
And when I feel it, my heart looks to the moon
I can’t touch her and it hurts me so bad
If I don’t get to do it soon I’m sure to go mad
She lives overseas where it is very cold
But in a beautiful country or so I am told
I wish I could hold her and keep her so warm
Like bees to honey, to her any man would swarm
Her enchanting eyes could pierce right through steel
But they are looking at me, this I do feel
Her lips are so full, they look so inviting
I have to kiss her now, or I’ll disappear into nothing
The way I now feel, I have not felt before
But when the time is right, I’ll spread my wings and soar
When I gaze upon my princess with her gorgeous face
My frustration is building to an unbelievable pace
I need to hold her so tight as if we were one
I’d never let her go, that would be fun
I would drop to my knees and be her willing slave
All she would need to do is to give me a wave
She is so sweet she could float on a feather
I pray for the day when we will be together