My love for you grows more each and every day
There are so many, I cannot count the ways
Some days I feel I just can’t stomach the pressure
Because I hold people up to a rather high measure
It often looks like I’m sad because things just aren’t right
I guess I should be more willing to put up a fight
Nothing is perfect at the end of the day
As much as I try, much to my dismay
Just know, my sweet, that while nothing is perfect
When my thoughts are of you, I find myself further erect
No matter the future , no matter the guise
I will always try to keep my eyes on the prize
One thing I know, this is for certain
I won’t be taken by the man behind the curtain
He tricks you and tries to leads you astray
I won’t let him stop me from having my way
There will not be an end, in a way this is a beginning
A whole new level will be the way to start thinking
Nothing is etched in stone, nothing is for sure
Regardless of the future, my love will stay pure