The Paradox in Never Never Land

Paradoxical statement  —  In the heart of all of us is the perennial longing to be what we are not.

While only some know who they really are, more do not even realize what they want. This may be one of the worst pressure’s one can inflict on one’s self. You can’t even afford the luxury of thinking about yourself these days or some group will ‘peg’ you as a deviant. Herein lies what could be the biggest crime in the maiden voyage of the twenty first century. Lack of pure thought. While technology and medicine growth are wonderfully manifesting geometrically, our social skills are diminishing just as rapidly. In essence — we have no time for each other, let alone ourselves. Continue reading

Reflections of the Mind

These are the best of times, these are the worst of times; or so that’s how it goes. After one realizes and understands that there are indeed many ups and downs, then, and only then, can one perceive happiness. However, this concept is too black and white. Continue reading