Worst TV couple EVER! … or don’t let the door hit you on the way out Big Bang Theory.

This is mostly an indictment of how I believe The Big Bang Theory should have ended about five seasons ago–you know, when it was still a good show. The first few seasons of BBT was fantastic. It was exactly what a great sitcom should be—funny situations with good characters and interesting story. The characters were fresh and imaginative and there were plenty of funny personalities. Now, only (Jim Parsons) Sheldon is still (mostly) funny. The others are not. They are just shells of their former selves. It’s not because of the actors or their acting. The stories are down-right boring. What else can the writers say?

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The Oscar Conundrum

Let me begin by stating I am white and a centrist. Had to get that out there. I wanted to wait a little until my hatred of the haters dissipated. Academy Award time is the one day (lately) to side with conservatives about liberal Hollywood.


I have watched six of the eight nominated “Best Picture” films this year—much more than the recent past. This year must have been a particularly bad year as I seem to remember the Academy pushing the category from five films to ten some time ago. They couldn’t find two more?

I did not see Vice, about a white man becoming vice-president. I didn’t catch The Favourite, about white noble British women in the 18th century. Nor did I see First Man, a film about a white man going to the moon or Can You Ever Forgive Me, about a white woman forging letters by dead authors. The latter two were not on the list of the great eight. I mention my having not seen these films to provide context.

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