Modern Family… Modern Problems!

modern-familyA few years ago a somewhat fresh new show came along with a diverse take on the “Family” comedy genre.  Three separate but connected families showed that different family dynamics all make for great comedy. Modern Family has been on for five seasons and it has won four Emmys. I watched it from the beginning and it was funny… for the first half of that first season. The problem is that for some reason the last episodes of that season were absolutely unwatchable. I stopped watching and was flabbergasted to learn that the folks who vote for the Emmys not only nominated it but gave Modern Family the award for best Comedy. I almost fell out of my lazy-boy chair. I mean, what were you thinking!

Maybe I missed something so I watched Modern Family and its very uneven second season and I can tell you that it wasn’t even close to being good or funny. As a matter of fact the characters quickly became cliché and a joke. Not to mention some of the other comedies out there at the time – The OfficeCommunity, Two and a Half Men, repeats ofSeinfeld, etc. were consistently superior. The Big Bang Theory is consistently funny and laugh out loud funny at that (geeks and sexy girl – who doesn’t enjoy that.)

Having said that, I’ve been viewing Modern Family this year and I have barely managed a smile.  The characters and the actors who play them are still somewhat humorous but nothing that comes out of their mouths is.  What the hell happened, it had only been a few seasons and they’ve already bastardized the characters and humor. I have always liked Julie Bowen (even when her Carol Vessey was torturing Tom Cavanaugh’s Bowling Alley lawyer in ED. Ty Burrell just has a goofy look to him and Ed O’Neill is always great. However, as amazing as Sofia Vergara looks, her act is tiresome and while I enjoyed Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson in their portrayal of a gay couple, they have become (maybe the writer’s fault) whiny and unlikeable characterizations. The children, well, all cliché… older airhead sister, middle bespectacled brainy sister and young dim brother. And, how anyone doesn’t want to smack (too smart for his own good) Manny is beyond me. Someone should Bieber him – my new term for smacking a petulant celeb. I really think it will catch on. Although in this case it’s the character not the actor you want to slap.

It is UNFUNNY and yet it has won four Emmys in a row!! Okay, it is better than Glee… and really, what show isn’t but is it better written than Girls, funnier than Curb Your Enthusiasm, Veep or Louie? Is it just because the show was new and different? Did the “so called” critics sway you all and in turn make the buzz balloon? But really, don’t listen to me either. Don’t be a sheep – make up your own mind. Just because everyone else tells you a show, or movie for that matter, is good don’t take their advice; don’t be swayed, judge for yourself.

Come on; let’s not take it up the ass anymore.  NO MORE MEDIOCRITY!  Write in to these people and charge them to be better.  Not speaking up is why good shows go by the wayside and bad shows go on and on.

I’m still watching (not Modern Family)… for now.

Like this so-called comedy? What’s your favorite?

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