Frailty, thy name is… American.

Barack-Obama-Shooting-a-Gun--75685God bless us, everyone.  President Obama recently set an executive order in motion to try to get automatic weapons and heavy magazines off the streets.  He did this, allegedly, for a self-serving reason; to try and save some lives.  A lot of people are up in arms (yes, I realize the pun) over this declaration with some supposed rights being taken away.  I suppose, after 9-11 and for years before, people didn’t care that government was already usurping privacies with illegal wire taps, being able to identify the web sites you frequent and exactly what lies you spoke of in your E-harmony emails.

However, seize your guns – the kidding around is pretty much over!  I’m not here to talk about the ridiculous take on 2nd amendment rights (“a well-regulated militia…”) and so forth.  We are not a militia!  We are The People.  Open for interpretation, it’s up to scholars.  He doesn’t want your rifles or shot guns we use for hunting (is there any other reason for the NRA) or the pistols kept under the bed to contend with intruders.

According to Fox News (story for another day) he has become a tyrant, self imposed king and Galactus, the planet eater.  Is it really that wrong for a president to want his country safe from mowing down its people?  The Bobbies in England don’t carry guns and all the Brits die from is old age, liver poisoning and bad teeth.

So, having to re-up your gun license every five years is an infringement?  I detest having to renew my passport every five years but I get over it.

Can’t we just relax and agree reasonably that there is no good reason for automatic weapons in the hands of civilians.  Local government needs to add police and gets the serious weaponry out of the hands of the gang bangers, will that make it all better?

Be bipartisan on this, be sensible and let’s be alive.

REMEMBER… pick your head up once in a while!

Do you own a gun… do you want to??

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