Arrow… A Quiver Full!

arrowThe island from Lost seemed like a mysterious, interesting and adventurous place to go if, you know, you were on your way to the big cheese. Gilligan’s Island had perfect climate, palm trees and two beautiful but very different women to spend time with. Tom Hanks had a volleyball named Wilson. However, the island that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was lost on for five years did not seem like a bunch of laughs. Arrow, yes a CW show, is quite possibly the most riveting show on television. I didn’t say it was the best but not since 24 has a show been so frustratingly quick after forty-four minutes. Finally genre shows, like films of the past few years, are making waves and for good reason. Diverse characters plus compelling story – really ‘nuff said but, as per usual, I will say more. Ollie Queen, the future Vigilante, Hood then said Mr. Arrow, returned to Starling City after being presumed dead for five years in a boating accident along with his father and girlfriend’s sister (oh yeah – did I mention he was a billionaire playboy?) The former playboy is back and has taken up a cause; to right the wrongs of the greedy and criminal flavor of his city. He is joined in his cause by trusted bodyguard and chauffeur John Diggle (David Ramsey) and computer whiz the awesomely geeky, smart and stunning Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards.) Besides his crime fighting duties, Queen is usually confounded by family along with once and future friends. He has to deal with his conniving mother (Susanna Thompson) and party animal and club owner (and maybe future heroine) little sis, Thea (Willa Holland.) All the while he deals with ex-girlfriend and lawyer Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and her father, Detective Lance (the always impressive Paul Blackthorne.) Other superheroes and villains come and go as the extensive D.C. universe cannon are explored and expanded. Oliver and his avenger persona ultimately soften opinions of his extended family and eventually his city. Arrow has a skillful blend of suspenseful action in the present coupled with just enough flashback story (not excessive – take note Saving Mr. Banks) make for a seamless transition. The acting is good, the stories have mystery and intrigue and the show is filmed in a very stylish and dark manner. Almost two seasons in fanboys and fangirls of all ages should really love this show. The only persons who have actually watched it and don’t are the nouveau wannabe perpetual attention seekers who have nothing better to do than hate. Oh wait, that may be me… but not in this case. Which DC characters do you want to see on Arrow?  How about for the upcoming Flash series?

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