May the force… live long and prosper.

star-trek-vs-star-warsWhy is “these are not the droids you’re looking for” more prevalent in pop culture than “he’s dead, Jim?”  I’m going to catch the heck for saying this; Star Wars fanboys are snobs and you know it.  I can say that, I’m a sci-fi (not Syfy) geek.  Star Trek is the passion but I’ve always have a huge place in my heart for Star Wars (that is, the original three.)  I’ve watched science fiction since the world was young; from Twilight Zone to Farscape and beyond and movies like Plan 9 from Outer Space and Logan’s Run to Blade Runner to, well, the new Trek film.  So, why won’t Star Wars fanboys get down with Star Trek?

Fanboys are just territorial.  Trekkies and Trekkers have shown love and tolerance towards other forms of sci-fi and that’s why I’m here today; to start the healing.  I love Luke & Laura(wrong genre), Han, Yoda, Darth and especially my little Jawas, etc.  Sci-fi fans must unite, remember… your enemies enemy is your friend.

J.J. Abrams took over the helm of the Enterprise and made it his own.  He originally wasn’t a fan of Trek but learned to understand and appreciate it.  Now that he is taking over the Death Star franchise and he will be the first crossover director.  If a devout Star Wars fan can change and learn to love Star Trek then can’t everyone (and I mean EVERYONE.)

The thing that still makes my green blood boil is after countless Star Trek episodes and movies and only six Star Wars films, Clone Wars, etc., why is it so hard to get cool Star Trek merchandise??  Marketing, could this be the answer?  In the early days Star Wars had savvy producer and a film studio that didn’t know what to make of this phenomenon versus Star Trek helmed by a Cuban band leader with his love, Lucy, running a television studio… who ya got!!

REMEMBER… pick your head up once in a while!

Are you a fanboy or a trekker… or both??

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