Size Does Matter!

sumo-wrestling-size-does-matter1There is a relatively new and already overused catch phrase these days called binge-watching. Though, I and countless others have been known to have done this for a long while now.

It’s hip to binge-watch TV shows and god forbid anyone in this day and age having to wait a week – a whole seven days to catch the next installment of their favorite, or probably their roommate’s favorite, show.

In this time of impatience, TV watchers have missed actual good shows because of the drivel most watch known as REALITY TV (which really isn’t reality but that’s for a later date.) You know who you are!

Back in the olden times (way back until the nineties) and still to this day, the big bad networks showed you the viewer 24-26 episodes of a show each and every season. If you didn’t catch it from the start it was very hard to get into it later on. The advent of DVDs help change the thinking and I remember Jack Bauer and his CTU led the way. During that time people began to wait until season’s end to view episodes of 24, three at a time. They were that damn suspenseful. The DVDs usually came out a few weeks before the next season began in September.

DVDs and now blu-rays were the key, the fathead execs found out. With the right promotion they could get the public watching their show (product) two or even three seasons later. Now, with downloads, Netflix and Amazon, it’s become even easier. You can wait and pick and choose to watch a whole series in the summer or during Christmas break (a la Freaks and GeeksFirefly or Rome which were all cancelled before their time.)

The problem for the networks, however, is still the same. Do you want to invest the time to watch a single season of a show that consists of twenty-six episodes? How about eight seasons and 177 episodes of House, over 300 episodes of CSI or even half hour shows like The Big Bang Theory – seven season average of 23 episodes – which BTW is actually worth it.

The cable networks got it right, not to mention English television which shows Dr. Who and Sherlock – need I say more. People talk about House of Cards being a good show on Netflix when three seasons of the English version is far superior and done in fewer episodes. Hopefully the big three (okay, 4 including Fox) will finally take a look. Shows are better, more involved, faster paced while rarely dragging on.

The cable stations have so challenged the networks that “movie stars” have been going back to the small screen. A decade ago that would never have happened. Quality is indeed job one but viewing previously unwatched shows may come down to time and patience. It’s easier to try shows like Justified or Boardwalk Empire which have thirteen episodes a season, then investing time in 30 Rock albeit a half an hour sitcom which lasted way too long and averaged nineteen a season.

So… as highly touted as The Good Wife may be, do you impatient, intolerant, hasty, hurried TV viewers want to catch up to 102 episodes and counting? Or, and I’m saying this just because you are you in this newish millennium, would you rather check out refreshing and riveting shows such as Orphan BlackGame of ThronesOrange Is the New Black or even Falling Skies to name but a few.

Choice is yours – quality and quantity in simpatico is a rare thing.

AND REMEMBER… pick your head up once in a while!

What do like to binge on???

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