Me, myself and… me!

anchor1I’m not exactly sure when it began but it wasn’t too long ago—or was it too long ago?

While it’s true I’m getting (ever so slightly) older and wiser and angrier and bitter I don’t believe this was supposed to be in the rule book. It appears as if information, after all, is not what we’re looking for. It’s the people who deliver that information is what’s what or that’s what they’d have us believe.

I am less open to change and they said (again, the dreaded they) it would happen. The ME generation has taken its next step. Television is a medium about entertainment and education. The story, fiction or non, is the play and the play’s the thing (paraphrasing some old writer guy). The people who relay the stories are the conduits—they are not the story. I wish the muckety-mucks would realize that.

Years ago newsmen like Walter Cronkite and Peter Jennings fed you the news eloquently and professionally. Expert anchors like Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer or sports host such as Tony Kornheiser and Dan Patrick tell you stories with an entertaining spin and a little flair. However, they all seem to realize they are there to relay the days or weeks information for the masses.

These days when I watch some sports or entertainment shows I’m really appalled at how the so-called hosts want you to love them and realize they are the sh-t—information be damn. Were these hucksters hired because of some great feat they had once done? They are the former athletes who don’t have the aptitude to coach or analyze quickly enough to be a color commentator. Or possibly, the child actor who has lost his/her measure of cuteness. And, of course, there are the nepotistic many.

Two of the most egregious examples of these are from the wonderful and beloved country of Canada. The communication giant called Rogers has taken control of all things hockey. The problem is some of the people they entrust to deliver this magnificent news don’t really care about information. They just care about how good they look and what their lives entail. You know, what kind of suits they are wearing, the cars they drive and naturally—at which dealership they were bought. They are just shills and are really buying into their own publicity. The worst thing is that they are terrible at one of the most important things they are supposed to be doing—interviewing. They so love the sound of their own voices they constantly cut off the person they are asking questions to (sound familiar Team Coco). Good thing right now they are only on at noon when not that many people are watching. Sadly, in a very short time… that will change. Okay, you got me… the show is Hockey Central at Noon and the two jokers in particular are Messrs. Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean.

The other show, which should be so near and dear to my heart, is from the other communications conglomerate in Canada, BCE (Bell Media). One of their specialty stations have an early evening half hour information show relating (supposedly) to all things genre. Unfortunately for its viewers, that isn’t always the case but on this occasion I’m not speaking to their programming. I’m referring to their hosts, or should I refer to them as wannabe movie stars. This trio have become a parody of what proper hosts should be. They are cartoon characters and now, even if they do say something witty or amusing, it feels very plotted and forced. They don’t care about the viewer—their only concern is how astonishing they are and look. I’ve never seen a show where the hosts are condescending to their audience and it seems to be a contest for them. And, it’s not very challenging to tell which shows are on their network and which are not—if you know what I mean.

The self-regard of the hosts is unbearable. Everything is me, myself or I. Remember the days, not so long ago, when people worked together (We were there to get you the story or tomorrow the show will get you the exclusive first look—not stay tuned for my interview or next week I will be…) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly what you’d call a do-gooder but sheesh. If I can notice their blatant disregard for their own show, I’m sure others can as well.

I guess it’s all just an audition. I can’t understand why the producers allow or encourage it. It’s really unfortunate because this show in particular (twist my arm and you have…Innerspace on Space Channel) is a show that’s should be DVR worthy.

Nitpicking is a specialty of mine but, especially lately, you can really tell when shows are done professionally and others are not. I guess it’s just me being crotchety… again!

Do you agree in general or am I just too old for this sh-t?

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