Dave Kovic for president in 2016!

dave2“America isn’t easy.” Those were the words of then President Andrew Shepherd played by Michael Douglas in The American President. He was speaking about the U.S. being a rather complex country.

It’s a great power fueled by influential men and women. However, these days, only those of affluence get to triumph. The country, in general, has lost its way – lost sight of its identity… of what made it great.

In The Newsroom, during the opening five minutes of the debut episode in its first season, Will McAvoy (Emmy winner Jeff Daniels) answered a question from a naïve college student. He was asked why America is the best country in the world. He told everyone it wasn’t anymore but it used to be. He went on to say why and it was completely riveting… and true (watch it here – it will invoke emotion even in the most ardent cynic).

What the country needs is a reboot, an America 2.0. It needs people like Dave Kovic running the country or the Senate or Congress. In the 1993 film Dave, a temp agency manager, played by Kevin Kline is a dead ringer for Bill Mitchell (also played by Kline), the sitting President of the United States. When the President suffers a massive heart attack, the Chief of Staff and the Communications Director persuade Dave to pose as the President to prevent the country from falling into a panic…but also with an ulterior plot to seize power for themselves. Unfortunately, Dave is a good and honest man who doesn’t understand the ridiculous inexactitudes of the job. He governs with the simplicity, logic and concerns of the regular citizen. Someone who actually has the people’s interests at heart (a greatly underrated film by the way.)

Perhaps they should only allow those who actually want to affect change to run for office, not partisan ideologues (we’re talking about you Mitch McConnell) who are in search of padding their wallets via billionaire zealots (hello Charles and David Koch). Those who believe that climate change is a hoax and—even if it’s not—that only God affects it (Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe and the rest of his ilk) should also step down. How did religion get so mixed into American politics? What ever became of the separation of church and state? We certainly expect it of other nations. Let’s all just wake up and smell the burning ozone–climate change is REAL, folks.

Politicians need a cap on how much money they can earn. That would allow civic-minded people—folks who really care and want to evoke change for the better—to get in. Let’s weed out the refuse. We deserve representatives who care, as opposed to those who sit on their collective asses and do nothing but collect paychecks.

If that were ever to happen, the first item on the agenda should be to outlaw lobbyists. They only serve special interest groups and are the crusty underbelly of American politics – they need to be the first to go or nothing will ever change.

Next – get rid of Super PACs and organizations like Citizens United (once again, Koch brothers – see a pattern?)

Let Republicans be Republicans again – make the Tea Party a third party.

And lastly… members of the Supreme Court must swear not to have political or religious affiliations. Their decisions MUST be for legal and moral reasons.

What do you think about all of this nonsense?

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