The Other Side of Darkness!


Gone gone gone, he been gone so long.

I stepped into the vortex and found myself on the other side, in another dimension. It was difficult to get back but here I sit… if anyone cares.

worship the tv

December always brings about year-end fodder about best of and worst of, well, everything from movies to brands of toothpaste. I kind of get pissed off about them. They are mostly ridiculous. However, as a buddy would constantly tell me—“who the fuck cares!”

Hear hear, who does indeed? Well, unfortunately… I do, and not only because I consider myself the voice of reason and taste. I am also sick and tired of style over substance these days, as well as, dark over the light. Those trends have been going on too long and it’s time for another shift.

It may have started with Battlestar Galactica—the remake. The original could never be thought of as dark especially with a young character named Boxey and his pet daggit called Muffit (seems the pet was so integral to the show a doctor made a mechanical one later named, obviously… Muffit II.)

The reboot with Edward James Olmos was considered groundbreaking mostly because of its dark and edgy themes. People, then, began to make fun of shows like the original Star Trek because of its optimistic and hopeful view of the future.

These days just about everything on television (as well as films) is supposed to be dark. People eat that shit up. The first thing “people” say about shows such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones is that it’s dark or gritty. Others makes excuses for TV being great because of the aesthetics of the show—the colors, the sounds, the background. How about the damn story and characters!

In the case of the Devil and Miss Jones, the story arcs are good. They both took a little too long to get going but the payoff was worth it. In other words (thank you The Girl Next Door) “the juice was worth the squeeze”. In most cases, however, it is not. You have the underwhelming Gotham which is finally done for me—but, hey, it is dark isn’t it. Next we bring you True Detective. Seriously, why do people watch this show? Not a thing happens in it—both seasons. Great characters and good acting, I admit, but come on—plot please, advance the story a tad bit more than murder to outcome? We may as well have gone from first episode straight to last.

And, I know I’m going to be in the VERY serious minority here but am I the only person on the face of the earth that doesn’t love Fargo? I’ve watched the first three (or is it five) episodes and I nodded off during all of them. Again, if you just require style then by all means. These characters are all movie Fargo-esque right down to the sniveling Martin Freeman to the underappreciated female cop to bumbling hit-men… should I go on? As I’ve stated before, can we have a stimulating villain? Just as an aside, when the Tenth Doctor Who, David Tennant, became full time villain, Killjoy, in Jessica Jones, the show really took off. Billy Bob Thornton, in this story, is just not likeable. Haven’t we learned that flawed characters are more interesting than dicks? Is he really that intriguing? Does his quiet ‘assholeness’ really make you sit up in your lazyboy and say “wow”? Maybe this changes but after the first half of season one—I don’t see it. This show has the Tortoise in the race by himself. The Hare didn’t even show up. Having said that, all the acting is good and quirky. Maybe a little too quirky. It works well in a film but ten episodes and more, is overkill. But, of course, the town settings are beautiful and wonderful and magical (just like the movie!) But, is that enough for you? It sure is for fans of Gotham. Oops, I said that word again.

PS – I’m a glutton for punishment. Just finished Fargo’s first season—haven’t changed my mind. Predictable and uninteresting. It’s just a quirky True Detective. Seriously, what do you see in it?

Are you watching these shows? And why?

House of Cards – English version is much better than the American. In season one, the same story was told in four episodes instead of 13. It shows you the extra fluff the U.S. versions have to put in their shows. Kevin Spacey is almost worth watching it for, though. I’ve loved his work since Wiseguy.

The Walking Dead – I hear its great but, again, I’ll take my zombies in a movie-not sixteen a season.

Mr. Robot – I was very excited to watch this. I saw the first five episodes. It was dark. It was very edgy but, once more—bored. Sorry.

Funny, I’m not one of these people who need instant gratification. I actually don’t like the new action films because, well, they are all long action sequences and short on character and story—am I repeating myself? I just want the Tortoise to actually beat the Hare… eventually.

Lastly and non-related… Why, oh why, does every internet site make us have to watch a damn slideshow to see every list known to man? If there is a top fifty I want to see just put it up and I’ll take a look. I’m certainly not going to jump through a hoop of barriers and press forty-nine damn next buttons to get to number one—are you?

Happy holidays!

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  1. KillGRAVE! You pulled in a random SCI FI show. (Which I still like more than Dark Matters but that’s just me.) “THAT could be a show…um…column.”

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