The New(ish) God Complex!

willy wonkaWhen exactly did this new God complex happen? I suppose the internet has given everyone super-strength to say and do whatever they wish. A simple bad experience is magnified into something that everyone should fear. Movies and television shows have been downgraded by bad word of mouth before they even begin. For example many… morons who believe they have an informed voice don’t like a choice before they even see or hear the person on screen. And not just actors, sometimes it’s the music or theme song as well.

These are not by people with any training, mind you… films and programs are destroyed by idiots who think their simple opinion needs to be heard. The new Star Trek Discovery was (and is still) getting inflammatory blogs before it had even begun. Now, while I do agree opinions are good (remember, everyone has one along with an asshole) and freedom of speech is important, we must learn to temper ourselves.

You may say well, it’s their right and it’s the people who listen who are the idiots… and you may be correct. But, there comes a time when things said become hurtful. And shouldn’t that be the time to keep one’s mouth shut? Say it with reverence, humor and conviction.

These days not only entertainment is a target. The hospitality industry, mainly restaurants, are a huge focus. People’s lives and livelihood are at stake but most of you don’t care as long as you get your licks in.

What happened to the day if you went to a restaurant and didn’t like what you ordered? You would say to anyone who would listen (or to yourself) – I didn’t like that. I won’t get that dish again here. Or even if you put a hate on the restaurant, never go back. But is it possible that it was just a bad night or even, god forbid – you in a cranky mood. Maybe it wasn’t what you expected. Maybe you ordered too much and weren’t hungry anymore (remember doggie bags?) Why must you go online and tell the entire world that you’ve been wronged and the place in question and everyone associated with it should be ostensibly put to death.

stupid customersAnd even worse – and this is the kicker… try to extort money and/or free food or you will single-handedly report their heinous act to everyone on the internet. Hey, sometimes we all have some bad experiences. We are supposed to learn from them not exact almighty vengeance. I’m pretty sure that more than 99.9% of the time it’s not personal. If your eggs are too hard or too soft ask for new ones or don’t. If your steak isn’t cooked the exact way you want it, tell someone or just eat it. If a piece of lettuce in your big salad has a little brown spot – take it out. It won’t contaminate the rest of the herd. Shit happens.

You don’t need to bring the problems of the world down on the folks who are just trying to work their job (how would you like it if someone came to your cubicle and ripped you a new one!) The worst part of it is that most people do it with such venom. I live in a bubble sometimes but I hear there are bigger problems in the world these days. If this is the worst thing that happens to you, I’d say you doing pretty well. My horse isn’t that high but I do believe in the big scheme of things.

And remember… give respect – get respect!


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