America: The new Krypton?

Yes, one is a country while the other is a mythical planet, yet they invite comparisons.

Krypton grew from humble beginnings to become a great and thriving society. The governing body and some of the population believed they were infallible and later became ignorant then dispassionate to their future failings.

This once great civilization boasted advanced science and technology. However, it failed to respond to unstable geological conditions. Sound familiar?

trump vsLeading citizen, Jor-El (from the renowned house of El) made passionate pleas to the council, his own colleagues, about the impending doom and final destruction of the planet and its people. Even though he was one of the greatest scientists of his era – no one listened.

Uranium, or kryptonite as some later believed, at the planet’s core built up to the point of eruption. The planet needed to be cared for… it wasn’t. The council became complacent and incredulous because of their hubris. As a result, as most know, Krypton is gone (until a talented comic book writer finds another way to bring it back).

Flash forward – or backwards, depending on your idea of when Krypton existed – to a country on Earth called the United States of America.

In America it seems there is a Bizarro effect to Krypton where the many are trying to convince the few… or the one. People in power are opposing climate change for reasons other than logic. They want to advance the short-term monetary advantages of a few interested parties. And why not, they wield great power and receive awesome gifts from these grateful industrialists. Let us not forget what the President says, “We need more clean coal.”

The United States pulled out of the Paris accords because people in positions of power refuse to care about anything or anyone but themselves. How else can they dispute the global surface temperature rising almost two percent since the late 19th century? This is largely due to increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions. The warmest years to date have taken place since 2010. The oceans have warmed, Antarctica lost about 119 billion tons of ice sheets during the last twenty years. Sea levels have risen and there have been an alarming numbers of high temperature events in the U.S. alone since 1950. America is a leader in Greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon footprint is increasing instead of decreasing.

Now, as some Republicans have stated, even though 97% of scientists believe in climate change, they remain unconvinced. They believe that percentage is due to money and research grants scientists receive. Funny, because every day you notice scientists wearing three-piece Armani suits and driving Mercedes Benz.

And even if you do not believe in climate change, doesn’t it make sense to exercise caution on the side of, oh I don’t know, the future? Who will really feel the effects of making the health of the planet priority? A few incredibly wealthy corporations? They may survive the hit.

Perhaps the naysayers agree with late, great comedian George Carlin’s biting assessment. He postulated that humanity is full of themselves and we shouldn’t worry about the planet; the Earth will take care of itself—when it’s ready, it will kick us all off and begin again. Most of us hope it doesn’t come to that. And even climate change deniers, the 1%ers, industrialists and D.J. Master Trump may be loathe to test that theory, after all, they’d lose all their money and investments.

And as for Krypton, I understand it was quite an Eden before things reached a tipping point. But, of course, all the information we have about that planet and its capital city of Kandor may just be all… fake news.

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