Worst TV couple EVER! … or don’t let the door hit you on the way out Big Bang Theory.

This is mostly an indictment of how I believe The Big Bang Theory should have ended about five seasons ago–you know, when it was still a good show. The first few seasons of BBT was fantastic. It was exactly what a great sitcom should be—funny situations with good characters and interesting story. The characters were fresh and imaginative and there were plenty of funny personalities. Now, only (Jim Parsons) Sheldon is still (mostly) funny. The others are not. They are just shells of their former selves. It’s not because of the actors or their acting. The stories are down-right boring. What else can the writers say?

Most sitcoms need character growth (except Seinfeld) and as much as they did a good job bringing in new characters, the show just lost its feel.

Simon Helberg (Wolowitz) was fantastic as the nerdy ladies’ man who rarely had a chance at any woman who wasn’t drunk or had been given money. When he settled with Bernadette, his character diminished tenfold.

Why did the producers wait so long for Raj (Kunal Nayyar) to speak to women (even after the drink?) A nice idea from the start but went far too long. They wasted a good character and a great one-two punch with Howard. They worked best when they were on screen together.

This leads me to the elephant in the room—Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki). There have been a plentitude of bad couples through the years on television and a myriad of blogs to prove it. These two aren’t on lists I’ve seen but they are so boring and even in the pretend world, not even close to being right for each other—and not at all funny together.

Not even someone as dumb and shallow as Penny was when the show began, would date a neurotic, untrusting, dumb-smart guy as Leonard. Well, maybe for a short time but should have been dumped soon after once realizing they had nothing in common. If anyone watches the show again, they would see all the ridiculous things Leonard does and says regarding his relationship with Penny. It is the one constant in their relationship and the major reason I am as happy as a pig in shit that the show is ending—boring.

She is not girlfriend-wife of the year either, the way she treats him. I realize it’s a sitcom, but it hurts to watch them together. It insults what little intelligence I have. I realize it’s a sitcom but the good ones derive and spin their comedy from real situations… and chemistry! I believe Penny and Sheldon would work better. They, at least, have some odd kinship and challenge each other on screen. They are two sides of the same coin (sorry Amy.)

The show, as much as I once loved it, couldn’t end soon enough. I still watch the early episodes (the show is on all the time,) however, it’s just a shell of its former self, kept alive because of greed for all involved.

Besides the elevator being fixed (probably as they all leave the building for a final time together–would be such a sitcom ending,) having Penny and Leonard break up would leave a smile on my face… as a great sitcom should.

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