To the (American) people

Well, this is quite a pickle.  Who to believe. Who to hate. You can’t have one without the other. I suggest we rewind and begin to believe in ourselves.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. Both parties carry positive and negative beliefs and policies. I believe in people. Herein may lie the problem—or what the politicians in Washington will have you believe. Pick a side and whoever is talking louder seems to win.

I know plenty of smart people who believe in… Candidates. Yes, you listen to what they say and believe and you judge on their individual merits and wants. That’s how it used to be and that’s actually how people picked their party in the olden times. Now, however, everything is skewed. There is left-left, left-center, right wing and even more to the right, the dreaded Tea Party.

Oh, yes, the matter at hand… who to believe.

The President is a dick. There is no getting around that. He is a liar and a scammer and cheats people. Maybe many Presidents didn’t care about the American Public when in office but this one shows it. He is antagonistic and egotistical and is just a schoolyard bully. He is unwilling for anyone to get to the truth because he knows what is behind the curtain. If he would have been transparent and receptive to get to the truth, we wouldn’t be in the situation that we find ourselves in today. If he would let congress see his tax returns and not try to keep everyone quiet around him, we may have been able to move on already. He tweets ridiculous and conflicting messages every day. Maybe he should keep some things to himself.

The Democrats, for all their blustering, seem to be fractured and frustrated. Anyone that doesn’t see this is only watching Fox News. I believe this would frustrate us all. The more you feel you’re on the right side and are systematically given nothing, the harder you try. Human nature folks. This is a mistake though. Some Dems want to impeach the President even though they will never have the votes and the majority or the people on their side. The bigger problem is that some Republicans would go for it but would never go against party lines. These days that is paramount to political suicide—unfortunately.

Now—the president has decided to block EVERYTHING. This is not transparency. If you have nothing to hide, then hide nothing. If he and his entourage would just comply, most of this stuff would go away… and so would he.

And… no one is saying this but people chose Trump because he differed from the usual politician. It was a good attempt at change by the American public. Unfortunately, you (we?) picked the wrong guy. If you wanted change, you aren’t getting it. Look to the President’s closest advisors—Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. They are the type of politicians you were trying to oust. You know, self-serving, big business loving, non-transparent… public servants. And, of course, Trump only cares about growing his finances while shrinking yours. Remember… fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… shame on me.

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