End of a Saga – Star Wars

Do or do not—there is no try!   

Waited forty-two years, I have. The first Star Wars—A New Hope not the dreadful Phantom Menace—sixteen times did I go see.

The world was different then and I had gone to see it at just about every cinema in which it was playing in Toronto… and a quaint theatre in Haliburton, Ontario called the Molou. The name came from its owners Molly and Lou but that’s a story for another day. State of the art theatre or an older one, good sound or bad—it didn’t matter, it was the story and the characters that told the tale.

Say what you will about George Lucas’s skills but he wrote an incredible sci-fi fantasy tale. Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back will go down as one and one-a in that genre. Even the Return of the Jedi was entertaining for a third entry.

Flash forward (or backward) to the second trilogy (prequels but very hard to keep straight). Only the last twenty minutes of the third prequel (the sixth film, actually) Revenge of the Sith, is worth watching of the three (second three or first three—I’m confused too.)

Now, we have a savior for the end of the Skywalker franchise. Finally, the final three have come and now gone (with a few stand-alone episodes in between.) Was it worth the wait?

Well, that depends. On the one hand, for the general population and part of fans like me, we can breathe a big sigh of relief and know it finally ended. I am old enough to remember George Lucas saying there would be three trilogies—and the curtain has finally fallen. At certain points in my life, I didn’t think it would happen. Now, no matter, I’m just glad it did—frustration for forty-two years is not good for your health.

Some may feel the three new films (seven, eight and nine) are good continuations on their own but for the Star Wars Trilogy… I would have to disagree.

Am I supposed to care about Rey, Finn, Poe and the, once again, weak Dr. Evil boy? Well, I don’t. I wanted to but it just didn’t happen. There was no chance. Rey, in three films, had little character development and very little (inner) struggle. Things were too convenient for her. Finn and Poe were single dimension characters. We could have witnessed Finn’s struggling with the demons of being a former Stormtrooper. No worries, he was fine, after all. Poe’s history wasn’t revealed until the middle of the last episode and it felt rushed and unnecessary… and a little too convenient. The best part of the new trilogy was seeing our old favorites again… and, of course, the droids—old and new.

These new films, I suppose, are not made for me—an original fan. They produce them for a new generation that cares only for action and style. I suppose substance and character development is a thing of the past. We cared for all or most of the heroes in Star Wars—that was a major explanation why it resonated so much with a generation. And… it was so cool!

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