Thy Name is Woman

Long ago when the world was young, men would beat their perspective women over the head with clubs and take them home. Times change.

Today, men treat their women two ways. One, is to show them respect, give of themselves, be loving and (dare I say) . . . decent. The second is what most women crave… to have nothing to do with the first way.

Naturally this is not always the case. Studies throughout the years, mostly my own, prove that the age of a woman is a major factor in what kind of treatment she desire’s.

Growing up, a young man has no idea what he’s in store for. You, hopefully, are taught to treat women with respect. Little did we realize that women don’t want respect until they are at least, say… twenty-five. Women change somewhere between twenty-three and twenty-seven depending on familial and environmental surroundings.

So, the question is, how do they expect guys to know when the change comes? The answer… they don’t. Men must become more aware. Study, study, study.

Most young women are only interested in challenges. If a boy is too nice she’s apt to think the challenge is over. They really don’t give him a chance to show that just because he is nice he’s not necessarily a push over. The real challenge may still be there.

As stated before, women change somewhere in their mid twenties depending on environment. It is at this time that most women get tired of being treated poorly or staying with someone because it’s convenient to do so. They may just be afraid to be alone. This is where the woman can help both sexes. It is at this juncture they should assert themselves to be more independent. By this it is not meant to say that they should run around with anyone they meet and treat them like trash or to necessarily be by themselves. It is here when they can weed through men to find the right one; law of averages. Remember, the next man may not be as bad as the last one. Don’t treat him as the last man treated you.

Guys don’t worry. If you’re a caring person things will even out. If you are ever full of yourself, get it while you can. The well will indeed run dry. Remember, whoever said that women are the weaker sex where totally misinformed. Women are incredibly bright (aka devious.) They have the upper hand because they use sex to get what they want. Men just want the sex. A big difference.

It’s hard to say which the greater tragedy is; a guy treating a gal poorly or a woman letting him. It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg.

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