The Time Line

He had known her for a short while but never like this. One strange night when he least expected, she popped in, looking different, as if he was seeing her for the first time. Before, she was funny, sharp, and really cute. Now, his heart sank to the pit of his stomach. After two looks and a stare he realized it was definitely her. He smiled and after storing fantasies for future use as he is prone to do, he thought nothing of it again. Or did he?

Weeks later something changed. His life, her life, their collective lives. The time line seemed to be drawing closer and closer. She was distraught. He came to the rescue and offered an evening filled with mirth and merriment. Her mind, temporarily, was focused again. His became cloudy. For days later he was in a funk. Not totally due to her but a certain percentage to be sure. What to do. What to do.

He realized, after some deliberation, that he was taken, enamored, and down right smitten with her. Who’d have thought? Not even the Gods would dare hypothesize something so strange. It can’t be but alas, it was true.

Now, the twenty-five cent question. What to do about it. He must have closure before the time line focuses again. The problem was he was getting mixed signals. She was a clever woman indeed. Friendship is all that he wanted but more would be most pleasurable. After all, they have many similar interests and she has a mesmerizing stare and an award winning smile.

Herein lies the problem (there is always a greater problem). The change in her life was much more than a mere mild misprint. It was, to her, earth shattering. These issues do not go away so fast. The time line was destined to remain status quo for a while longer. After realizing this, he was determined to be a friend. Once again he thought if this was all he could be, it would make him more than happy.

He did long, however, that the dreaded time line would finally shrink and she may, someday, end up in his arms. And in his arms, he further hoped that they might close their eyes and wish the slow song would never stop.

Either way… the time line would only tell.

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