If change is inevitable, why do we not change?  Unraveling the tapestry of who we are causes reflection and change so that’s out as well.  But if we can’t change who we are, how may we be allowed to grow and discover.

Knowledge is the key.  However, if knowledge is indeed the key then discovery is the lock for that key.  Many have school smarts while others have street smarts.  They learn to be this way.  But, too few people learn to discover themselves.  While small town living doesn’t necessitate this, life in the “Big Smoke” must.  How many times does one have to look and say, “if they only got it.”  By the time we reach our mid twenties we have already formed the Tapestry of who we are.  We add a stitch and some thread along the way but our form is generally set… or is it?

Questioning will lead one to believe that change is inevitable and relatively easy.  Everyone can change, but do they?  Do they need to?  Most don’t realize that they need change or just growth and for that reason they don’t.  Growth, not change, is really what we must have.  The foundation of our tapestry starts from the beginning.  Therefore, once woven, it should not be picked apart… but rather expanded.

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