Reflections of the Mind

These are the best of times, these are the worst of times; or so that’s how it goes. After one realizes and understands that there are indeed many ups and downs, then, and only then, can one perceive happiness. However, this concept is too black and white.

As in a country stream with certain currents and eddys always changing, always different, so too does the human spirit. And, as one grows older he more easily notices his transgressions and mistakes and takes them to heart. Past transgressions take too long to explain and are better left to one and his psychologist. Mistakes on the other hand can be simply explained to everyone except the person who has made them. Herein lies the story.

There may indeed be no such thing as a simple mistake. A mistake makes no mistake. It doesn’t stop there like the buck. A mistake, no matter how harmless or unintentional, usually manages to fester along or may even lie dormant for a while. Though it must have an ending. A mistake, along with most of things, must come to a conclusion.

Perhaps the biggest and yet most harmless and unintentional mistake was made by a young twenty-four year old who wanted to be different. He was stagnant. Tired of his friends and surroundings he upped and left. Taking what seemed to be an exciting job two thousand miles away he temporarily found what he was looking for; change. Unfortunately, change was all he found and soon he returned older and only a wee bit wiser. He still felt, however, that his destiny was not located in his hometown. He next found a sales job that possibly could lead to relocation. As it turned out it did. In the span of fourteen months he was whisked off to first Dallas for four months then on to Chicago for his ultimate goal… his own business. His ultimate goal also got boring even though he was earning good and easy money. On reflection, it was in Chicago that he started to think about what is, what was, and what should never be. It was also the spot where he finally decided on what his next ultimate goal would be. A writer. The only thing he could be sure of in his life was the fact that only careers in the sports or entertainment worlds would truly make him happy. So, it was off to Los Angeles to accomplish this goal.

One might ask, “why all this background material?” It is necessary to fully understand the mindset of this truly talented and troubled traveler who has come full circle in certain circumstances. A mouthful indeed.

A basic math equation has two parts equaling the third. In his mind, traveling plus meeting new and different people would equal happiness. This simple equation doesn’t ring true.

When one is young you have “your whole life ahead of you.” This quote is of course wasted on the young because they simply haven’t been around long enough to reflect. It isn’t until one has aged a quarter of a century plus ten that we may start to reflect on the mistakes of the past.

Why do people not make great friends if you meet them later in life? While of course this isn’t always the case, the percentages must be dramatic. Is it because you have no common ground, because you come from different places? A portion of this is true. If you came from the same city and, say, were interested in sports, you would have something in common. But this is superficial… the problem goes much deeper. It is a question of similar interests but also of caring and good old fashion hard work.

The fact is that they are grounded. You are a newcomer in a world where security and status quo rule. How many times does one stay in a relationship because “it’s comfortable.” Is this crazy or what? Is there anything in this world worse than settling? The only intelligent answer to that query comes from a line from a ‘Billy Joel’ song. He states, “you got your passion, you got your pride, but don’t you only know that fools are satisfied.” A little off the beaten path but the point is well taken.

To most, change is taboo; or at very least, not always worth the effort. Familiarity, however, breeds contempt only when both sides aren’t really all that familiar. If one is not grounded in familiarity there is little chance… yet, there are exceptions.

Some will commit, persevere, and dictate. With common sense and positive emotions sprinkled in, the seemingly simple equation may find success. Only, however, if more than one party responds. Those who know, know it takes two to tango.

Then, there are the chosen few whose very nature demands more in themselves, than they see in others. To these too few strangers, we can only doff our caps and say thank you.

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