The Paradox in Never Never Land

Paradoxical statement  —  In the heart of all of us is the perennial longing to be what we are not.

While only some know who they really are, more do not even realize what they want. This may be one of the worst pressure’s one can inflict on one’s self. You can’t even afford the luxury of thinking about yourself these days or some group will ‘peg’ you as a deviant. Herein lies what could be the biggest crime in the maiden voyage of the twenty first century. Lack of pure thought. While technology and medicine growth are wonderfully manifesting geometrically, our social skills are diminishing just as rapidly. In essence — we have no time for each other, let alone ourselves.

Human’s interact less and less for many reasons. The computer, for example, is a way people can neglect others and be with someone whose  company they really enjoy (also with one who will understand and laugh at one’s jokes). We have lost the capacity to help, to have social graces, to be there for others. Why say thank you to a sales person in a store when all they can muster for your patronage is “uh-huh.”

Eye contact and respect are things of the past. People must think there are a lot of coins on the ground the way they are always looking down. Kids used to respect their elders and not throw things at them while running the other way (at least not in my area). Feel old yet?

And then, depression set in. But wait, the best is yet to come.

You come to a land where dreams are born and time is never planned (except that everyone is always busy). You are there, aspirations met, career conquered, relationships had, new and exciting places gone to… then, you come upon your second day. You wake in a cold sweat, that dreaded dream again (you know which one). It takes ten minutes to decide to get up, if in fact you do. An hour later you have ‘sanctuary’. THE DINER. This is the one constant in your life. No matter where you are the 24 hour coffee shop protects you from evil. Life’s elixir. After five cups of regular, you are ready. You sit, smile, twiddle your thumbs… relax your hands, wipe that smile from your face and say… what now?

Here in Never Never land you desperately want to make a name for yourself without anyone knowing who you are (except, of course, actors). That would defeat the purpose. Sacrilege! In the land of illusion one must mask the truth and reveal everything while saying nothing. No easy task.


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