Wasted Potential

The one thing I love to do I write. Unfortunately for me I have let the world, and my part in it, quiet me down lately.

Canada doesn’t get much talk in the gun violence world but maybe it’s time we started. I have always believed that you need to get ahead of any potential problem and this one is coming fast.

I lost someone I knew recently, and it was a kid who I liked very much. He was special in that he was smart and kind and had an amazing smile which made everyone around him smile as well – and only twenty-one. His light was snuffed out far too early and for no good reason because of a cowardly person who had a gun.

This was a kid who was going places and would have been amazing at anything he did. The potential he had will never be reached and that in itself is a crime. However, on top of being a great student, he had time to love and care about his family as well. He was one-of-a-kind.veno

I can’t say anymore but please read below…

I write this with a heavy heart and not much forethought …

The other morning I woke up to hear that someone I knew well was shot and killed last night in Malvern near Lester B. Pearson School by his family’s apartment. He was a twenty-one-year-old, one-of- a- kind kid. He had it all – he was very smart (attending the Schulich School of Business in Toronto,) good-looking and had a smile which was infectious. Continue reading