The Oscar Conundrum

Let me begin by stating I am white and a centrist. Had to get that out there. I wanted to wait a little until my hatred of the haters dissipated. Academy Award time is the one day (lately) to side with conservatives about liberal Hollywood.


I have watched six of the eight nominated “Best Picture” films this year—much more than the recent past. This year must have been a particularly bad year as I seem to remember the Academy pushing the category from five films to ten some time ago. They couldn’t find two more?

I did not see Vice, about a white man becoming vice-president. I didn’t catch The Favourite, about white noble British women in the 18th century. Nor did I see First Man, a film about a white man going to the moon or Can You Ever Forgive Me, about a white woman forging letters by dead authors. The latter two were not on the list of the great eight. I mention my having not seen these films to provide context.

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There and back again.

aliens watching tvThey were good – very good. It has taken over a year in all to escape and readjust. From the aliens, I mean (BTW – heard they were coming out with a new movie.) Wasn’t easy to breakout but I managed to watch and learn and eventually understand their transporter and stealth technologies. Then, just like that… I was gone.

So, I am back… but back to what? It’s only been twelve months or so (do you still count time that way?) However, much seems to have changed. Continue reading

Director, Heel Thyself!

kid-director-microphone1I love film; comedies, dramas, sci-fi and yes, rom-coms… if done well.  Studies show the average length of a feature film has been constant since the sixties – they just seem longer. The problem is that most of them shouldn’t be especially in this age of instant gratification.

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