End of a Saga – Star Wars

Do or do not—there is no try!   

Waited forty-two years, I have. The first Star Wars—A New Hope not the dreadful Phantom Menace—sixteen times did I go see.

The world was different then and I had gone to see it at just about every cinema in which it was playing in Toronto… and a quaint theatre in Haliburton, Ontario called the Molou. The name came from its owners Molly and Lou but that’s a story for another day. State of the art theatre or an older one, good sound or bad—it didn’t matter, it was the story and the characters that told the tale.

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May the force… live long and prosper.

star-trek-vs-star-warsWhy is “these are not the droids you’re looking for” more prevalent in pop culture than “he’s dead, Jim?”  I’m going to catch the heck for saying this; Star Wars fanboys are snobs and you know it.  I can say that, I’m a sci-fi (not Syfy) geek.  Star Trek is the passion but I’ve always have a huge place in my heart for Star Wars (that is, the original three.)  I’ve watched science fiction since the world was young; from Twilight Zone to Farscape and beyond and movies like Plan 9 from Outer Space and Logan’s Run to Blade Runner to, well, the new Trek film.  So, why won’t Star Wars fanboys get down with Star Trek?

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